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As a result of our experience in property management, we have found that our residents desire the following rules and regulations. They are designed to insure the maximum enjoyment and privacy of all residents, to preserve the character and maintenance of buildings and grounds, and to develop a good enduring relationship between the residents and the management.

The failure of the resident to observe and fulfill any of the above obligations shall result in a termination of the Lease by the Management with resident remaining liable for rent and other obligations during the term of the lease.


Bella Properties, Inc.
Rules and Regulations


Complaints, Repairs, Maintenance

Report any complaints or repairs immediately to the Resident Manager. Or use the online Non-emergency Maintenance Request Form (click here).

• Normal maintenance hours are 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday.  However, in case of emergency only, the Resident Manager may be called at any time, or Bella Properties, Inc. may be called at 218-284-2020.  Also, no person is permitted to do maintenance work unless authorized by Management.


Being a Good Neighbor and Safety

All residents and their guests are expected to conduct themselves in a manner befitting respectable living.  Over indulgence in alcoholic beverages, loud boisterous parties, harassment of others or disorderly conduct will be grounds for immediate eviction.  Residents are responsible for their guests actions.

• Please show consideration for your neighbors with regards to loud talking, loud televisions, radios, or stereos.  The volume should be turned down at all times.

Residents must be in complete control of their household at all times and will be responsible for their actions.  Please do not allow any persons to run, eat or play in driveways, stairways, walkways, or hallways.

• Residents must maintain patios and balconies in such a manner as will be in keeping the decor of the community.  Clothing, rugs, mops, bicycles, trash, toys and other articles shall not be kept visible from the balconies or windows.  Neatly covered barbecue grills and folding chairs are the only allowable items to be left on the patio or balcony.  DO NOT THROW CIGARETTE BUTTS OR TRASH OFF YOUR BALCONY.

Residents must dispose of garbage and trash, or other waste matter, in plastic bags and place inside the garbage receptacles.  Garbage is not be left in hallways or laundry room containers.  Be sure to close the lid on garbage container.  DO NOT DISPOSE OF WASTE OIL, BATTERIES OR TIRES IN GARBAGE RECEPTACLES.

Fire department regulations require all sidewalks, corridors, walls, passages, stairways, and common storage areas to be kept free of all personal belongings.  No explosives, obnoxious or illegal substances are permitted to be kept by a resident in the apartment or on the premises.

• It is the residents' responsibility to maintain a reasonable level of humidity in each room of their residence.  It is recommended that the moisture level does not exceed thirty (30) percent humidity.  The resident is responsible for reporting any leaks or unnatural moisture problems immediately to management, thereby diminishing the onset of mold related issues.  Excessive cooking and plants contribute to increased humidity.  Residents with controllable bathroom fans or vents are required to operate them for at least (30) minutes after bath or shower to assist in the prevention of mold issues in your residence.


Decoration, Picture Hanging, Attaching Items to Walls, etc.

• It is permissible for you to hang pictures, mirrors, etc. on the walls of your apartment, providing you use very small nails and repair any damage.  Large nails, screws, tape hangers, bolts, etc. will not be permitted.  No tape, wallpaper, contact paper or glue are allowed on doors, walls, or appliances.

Proper window/patio door coverings must be in place within 30 days of occupancy.  Sheets and/or blankets are not acceptable.

• Residents must furnish their own light bulbs, fuses, and batteries for smoke alarms where applicable.

• Outside antennas in connection with radio, television, and CB's may not be installed.

• Signs and placards are not allowed to be exhibited on doors, windows, or any other place in the community.

• All satellite dishes must be approved in writing by management, and be professionally installed


Appliances – use, care and maintenance.

• For your convenience, coin-operated washers and dryers may be on the premises.  It is not permitted to have your own washer and dryer in the apartment unless the unit has existing washer and dryer hookups, or prior written approval is obtained from Management.

• Do not operate your air conditioner when the cover is on during the winter season.  For your comfort the manufacturer suggests to operate the unit at the medium dial setting during extremely hot weather, and to clean the filter regularly by using warm soapy water.

• When defrosting the refrigerator, do not use a sharp instrument to hurry defrosting.  Use pans of hot water instead.  Residents will be held responsible for damage to refrigerator.



If you have a car, you are required to park in your garage at all times & garage doors are to be kept closed at all times.  Parking stalls or garages will be assigned at discretion of Management.  Parking permits may be required for parking privileges.  It's the resident's responsibility to register each vehicle on the property, with Management.  Unregistered vehicles are subject to immediate impoundment at owner's expense.  NON-VEHICLES SUCH AS TRAILERS, BOATS, CAMPERS, ETC. ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BE PARKED ON THE PROPERTY.

• Absolutely no vehicles allowed on the lawn areas at any time.  No parking in striped areas or towing zones.  Damage caused by resident(s) or their guest(s) car shall be charged to resident.  No overhauling of engines or motor vehicles in any parking or garage allowed.  Inoperative, abandoned cars or cars w/expired license plates will be towed at owner's expense.

• When entering or leaving the premises, please operate your car or motorcycle at a speed not to exceed five miles and hour.


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